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John Wayne Hondo Doll by Franklin Mint.

John Wayne as Hondo by Franklin MintThe official title of this is the John Wayne Portrait Doll. It is 19¾" tall (not including the wooden base) and first issued around 1995. Only 9500 made. The original selling price was $295. The figure is made from porcelain and real cloth and dressed as Duke was in the film Hondo.

This is possibly the rarest John Wayne figure by Franklin Mint. It's high purchase price when new probably contributed to the few that are around today.

This stunning example below has never been out of the box and is a John Wayne collector's dream to find in this condition.

The hat is still covered by plastic and fastened to the base of the box, as are his Winchester rifle, Colt revolver, saddle bags, and rifle scabbard. Hanging off his wrist is the Franklin Mint Certificate. There is also a separate paper Certificate of Authenticity for this doll.

The wooden base which is under his feet has the Franklin Mint seal. Batteries are placed in this base and when you press the seal you hear Duke's voice. In TruTone Digital Sound® he says "A man oughta do what he thinks is best".

John Wayne Hondo Doll by Franklin Mint

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