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John Wayne Domed Figurines by Franklin Mint.

Early Duke

The figurines below were issued by the Franklin Mint in the late 1980's / early 1990's and are no longer available from them. They all had glass domes, which have been left out of the photographs so the figures themselves can be more easily seen. All were Limited Editions and all had a Certificate of Authenticity.

Twenty figurines were issued and it is the biggest single issue of such a collection. There were 18 western designs and 2 military designs. The titles below are as stated on the Certificate of Authenticy that came with each figurine. Although none were officially linked to any particular John Wayne film, members of the John Wayne Message Board have come up with possible films that they relate to.

Figurine Titles
All of the domed figurines were issued with a Certificate of Authenticity (COA), like THIS. Each had a title for the figurine. Several of mine were separated from their COA's because they were on display. The others remained in their original boxes with the COA attached.

For that reason I do not have the titles of several of these as I did not note them before putting them on display.

If anyone can put a title to the appropriate figurine it will be of great help.

There is some speculation that Franklin Mint did not always send out the correct COA as two have been reported with titles that are different to mine.

Undefeatable Spirit has been reported having the title Rugged Horseman

Round Up has been reported having the title Wrangler.

The first one shown here was initially issued with a COA giving it the title John Wayne. Later issues had the title changed to Long Arm Of The Law. The pose was also slightly different in the later issue, showing mostly in the right arm that is holding the rifle. The colouring was also lighter in the later issue.

John Wayne Figurine

John Wayne.
(Early Issues).
Long Arm Of The Law.
(Late Issues)
Film: Rio Bravo.

John Wayne Figurine

Champion Of The West.
Film: The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.

John Wayne Figurine

She Wore A Yellow Ribbon.
Film: She Wore A Yellow Ribbon.

John Wayne Figurine

Spirit of The Alamo.
Film: The Alamo.

John Wayne Figurine

Rugged Horseman.
Film: Stagecoach.

John Wayne Figurine

Film: The Big Trail.

John Wayne Figurine

The Legend Lives On.
Film: El Dorado.

John Wayne Figurine

Cattle Baron.
Film: Big Jake.

John Wayne Figurine

John Wayne.
Film: The Shootist.

John Wayne Figurine

(Unknown Title.)
Film: The Comancheros.

John Wayne. Cavalry Officer Figurine

Cavalry Officer.
Film: Rio Grande.

John Wayne Defender Of The West Figurine

Defender Of The West.
Film: North To Alaska.

John wayne Legendary Horseman Figurine

Rugged Horseman.

John Wayne Round-Up Figurine


John Wayne Rugged Horseman Figurine

Round Up.
Film: Red River.

John Wayne Spirit Of The West Figurine

Spirit Of The West.
Film: Hondo.

John Wayne Undefeatable Spirit Figurine

Undefeatable Spirit.
Film: The Searchers.

John Wayne Western Lawman Figurine

Western Lawman.
Film: The Star Packer.

John Wayne Western Lawman Figurine

Combat Sergeant.
Film: Sands Of Iwo Jima.

John Wayne Figure in Green Berets

(Unknown Title).
Film: The Green Berets.

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