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John Wayne Sideshow Infinite Statue

John Wayne DuCaps Inc Display. Unissued.

This are a collectible set of "pogs/milk caps" which was a craze that started around 1993-94 in Hawaii. They may have been made by Ducane Diecutting in Lake Forest, CA during the "pog" craze. I don't have a date these were made.

It was rumoured that there was some type of disagreement between Pilar Wayne and Robert Simmons and the final 2,000 sets were never produced (that's why only one signature is on the set).

On the reverse each item is the word PROTOTYPE stamped across it, and near the bottom is 1 of 2000.

John Wayne pogs by DuCaps Inc
John Wayne pogs by DuCaps Inc
John Wayne pogs by DuCaps Inc

I also have a prototype that has only two of these pogs so it was likely that it was intended to issue these in a set of 3 each containing two of the pogs. It is interesting also that the Robert Simmons signature is on the rear of these two.

Pog by Ducaps
DuCaps Pogs

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