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John Wayne Collectors Plates and other collectible items.

Over the decades there have been many collectible products of John Wayne made, but none so attractive as the John Wayne decorative plates. I am not aware of any definitive list of all the John Wayne plates made, but I have created this site including of many of the plates I know of. Some of the plates are officially made with the permission of the Wayne family, and others are possibly made by amateur platemakers using photographs from various films. Many are no longer in print.

I decided also to include many of the figurines made over the decades. Many of these figurines bore little resemblace to the adverts of them from the manufacturers. The face in particular on the advert had obviously been altered to give a more accurate resemblance to Duke's face, whereas the actual finished product was often quite different.

I expect there are others, if you know of any please let me know, and send a photo if you can with all the details of the plate. Also, if you have any information not listed on these plates below I would be grateful if you could send it to me so I can update this list.

Commemorative John Wayne 92 44-40 Winchester Rifle

What is the value of these John Wayne plates?
As with all collectibles, their value will be driven by supply and demand, and the passage of time, and how badly someone wants a particular item that they may have been searching for over a long period and what they are prepared to pay. When these items were first advertised the manufacturers often used the term 'Limited Edition' suggesting a limited number were made. Some manufacturers may state the exact numbers made or use a phrase such as '95 firing days only' which suggests no more will be made after that. But if 50 a day are made for 95 days, that is 4750.

Because we all collect different things the chances of them running out are reduced. These are marketing ploys used to make us rush out and buy the products. Other marketing ploys are that these items are an investment. Some are, but most are not. Many of the items here now sell for much less than when they were first released; some have retained the same value; some do not sell at all. The Internet has opened up what was once a small market for specialist dealers who could demand high prices because there was nowhere that ordinary people could go to buy or advertise items for sale. Online auction sites have had a remarkable effect of the value of collectibles; what won't sell one day may sell another time. But things can change. So there is no definitive answer to the question.

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